Posted On 10/18/2016
" Board's Role in Corporate Strategy”

Attended by more than 70 companies

ADCCG discusses Board’s role in crafting corporate strategy


The Abu Dhabi Center for Corporate Governance (ADCCG), an affiliate to the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has organized, in cooperation with PWC Academy, a seminar on “The Board’s Role in Crafting the Corporate’s Strategy” at the Chamber’s Tower in Abu Dhabi.

His Excellency Mohammed Helal Al-Muhairi, Director General of the Abu Dhabi Chamber, attended the seminar along with Mr. Abdullah Ghurair Al-Qubaisi, Deputy Director General of the Chamber. Representatives of more than 70 companies operating in Abu Dhabi and the UAE attended the seminar as well.

“Applying governance programs in companies has become a necessity and a priority since it helps these companies increase their competence, productivity and profits and ensures their continuity and contribution to the comprehensive and sustainable development process in the UAE,’ said Al-Muhairi. He expressed the readiness of the ADCCG to help companies and prepare them professionally to execute the principles and controls of governance in a way that helps them move forward.

Al-Muhairi pointed out that companies’ boards have an active role in supporting the management of their companies in crafting strategies which would help in achieving the desired results and targets. He noted that the companies in Abu Dhabi and the country were proactive in considering the concepts of governance and its applications, which helped in creating a healthy business environment that reflected on their performance and fame and in a way that forms from the UAE a destination for a large number of international companies which took from it a launching pad for their regional and international operations. He added that governance applications today contributes directly in ensuring the development and progression of companies.

Mr. Karl George, Managing Director at the Governance Forum, lectured the attendance of the seminar on the importance of the role of Boards of Directors in directing companies and in crafting healthy mechanisms for their operations.

The lecturer also answered the questions of the attendance on the strategic issues which are hard for Boards of Directors to see and deal with, and the five main elements of strategies as well as the management matrix and control which is a work model to build a general framework on how Boards of Directors are able to continue performing their roles properly.