Our Services

Advisory Services

We assist clients to adapt the best suitable corporate governance systems in accordance with best practices, taking into consideration local laws and the entity's structure and nature of business. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Assessment & Implementation of Corporate Governance Best Practices
    • Assessment of current corporate governance systems against best practices and local laws & regulations with the required action plan.
    • Consulting services to assist clients in the implementation stage by developing the required codes, policies & procedures and related documentation.
    • Independent review of the corporate governance system to ensure compliance.
    • Specialized Advisory Services in Corporate Governance
    • ADCCG helps clients to develop their own Corporate Governance codes in accordance with best practices. In doing so, we take local laws into consideration and customize codes according to the nature of business and its structure.

    Boards of Directors – Tailored Services

    Most of our tailored services are targeted towards Boards of Directors and C-Suite Executives. While the board always plays a major role in directing the organization's strategies, our objective is to develop their skills, evaluate their performance and benchmark it against best practices, taking into consideration the local corporate governance code, and ultimately draft proper recommendations.

    Corporate Governance Research

    ADCCG carries out Corporate Governance related research in an attempt to explore certain key policies implications in the field of corporate as well as to capture major trends across the industry, the nature of our research covers a wide area of topics dealing with board characteristics, overall governance framework, transparency issues, stockholder rights, in addition to specialized surveys the capture executives sentiment on various issues of Corporate Governance

    Training & Professional Development on Corporate Governance and Related Topics

    ADCCG offers several professional development programs and training workshops designed for directors, senior management and interested professionals aspiring to receive further knowledge and education in the corporate governance field. We work across various industries with particular emphasis on the localization of corporate governance issues. Our programs cover a wide variety of issues ranging from Fundamentals of Corporate Governance and branching out to include the roles and responsibilities of company directors, the effectiveness of the board of directors, financial disclosure and transparency, etc. The center offers a variety of programs ranging from normal attendance based programs to certified programs aimed at professionals who are looking towards becoming more specialized in corporate governance, risk management, corporate secretariatship and company direction. Furthermore, ADCCG offers specialized corporate governance programs designed for consultants, lawyers, media practitioners and others.

    Seminars and Conferences Aimed at Raising Public Awareness

    ADCCG organizes specialized seminars and conferences aimed at raising public awareness on the importance of corporate governance and its related matters in order to keep executives and business leaders well informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in the field. Distinguished experts and consultants are invited to share their knowledge and experiences during the events, in addition to post event activities which are organized to keep delegates informed of upcoming events.